Video Camera Acquisition Project: The Results

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by bledsoe on August 5, 2013

The results of my Video Camera Acquisition Project are in, and I'm thrilled to announce it was a smashing success! I received a total of 5 brand-new Kodak Playfull video cameras, $295 in cash donations, plus one smartphone tripod mount.

I used the $295 to buy four more cameras (used), plus seven 16G SDHC memory cards (two of the used ones already had memory cards). With my original 3 video cameras that I already had, my classroom total is now up to 12! Woo-hoo!

(I had a little less than $20 leftover, which I'm thinking I may put toward a tripod; makes it easier for students to record solo.)

Many thanks to everyone who donated. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated, and be sure to watch this space for future blog posts that will show some videos that my students make.


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