Current favorite books

by bledsoe on September 22, 2008

Here are three recently-read books which the Maker has declared to be awesome:

Acorn Magic, by Maggie Stern - Simon's neighbor, Mrs. Potter, gives him a "magic" acorn, which helps him spot animals, then takes him on a camping adventure.  (There are apparently more Simon-and-Mrs.-Potter books; we're gonna look for the rest.)

What Is A Wookiee?, by Laura Buller and Kate Simkins - "It tells you pretty much every single character in Star Wars, like what a wookiee is, these aliens that keep lizards, R2D2, C3PO, and a bunch more."

A Giraffe and a Half, by Shel Silverstein - A book-length poem with great illustrations, the Maker was so excited about this one that he read me the entire thing while I fixed lunch.

Update: Had another Giraffe and a Half reading at lunch today.

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