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Spiderwick at the library

The Maker and I took a quick trip to the library yesterday morning. As soon as we got there he wanted to know if he could play on the computers, and I said no, and he whined for about 3 seconds, and then I told him to go find a book, and he insisted he already had a book, so I told him to go find something to do because I was going to look for a book.

This wasn’t entirely true. I actually have a good book I’m reading right now, plus at least two others waiting after that one, but sometimes the Maker needs a little subtle encouragement in the reading department, and often all it takes is getting him into the library and telling him that he can’t play on the computer.

Sure enough, about two minutes later, he comes and finds me and says he found two different books that he wants and they’re both labeled Book #1 from the Spiderwick Chronicles and he doesn’t know which one to get. Turns out there’s a “Spiderwick Chronicles” series and a “Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles” series (who knew?), so once we got that sorted out, he decided that the one he needed was the first book in the original Spiderwick Chronicles.

As we were discussing this, another boy about the Maker’s age came up to us and informed us that the library didn’t have the second and third books in the series but that as soon as they came in, he was going to check them out. As we were discussing the appeal of the Spiderwick Chronicles with him, his sister came up (also an SC reader) and then their mom came up holding SC #2 and #3 which had just come in, and after they left to check out their books, the Maker wanted to know if we could get on the list to get #2 when it was again available, and I said sure and we went to check out our book and get on the list for the next one.

As we left the library, the Maker was already reading his new book, and in fact was deeply absorbed in it all the way home. So absorbed, that I made it a point to drive slowly and take the long way home, and by the time we got home a few minutes later, he proudly informed me that he had already finished Chapter 1. He showed me the cool map in the front of the book and told me a little about the story so far. He read quietly by himself for about an hour, and today he finished most of the rest of the book.

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