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Pattern blocks

Several times in the past few weeks, we’ve gotten out the Pattern Blocks, colorful wooden shapes that you can use to create all kinds of neat geometric patterns.  We also have these cards that have a bunch of pre-designed patterns for you to match the blocks to, as well as some that have just an outline, with instructions for how to fill it in (these are a little tougher).

Not only are these fun to play with, they also generate a lot of conversations about fractions, as many of the blocks can be used to create the other blocks (e.g., two green triangles will make one blue diamond).

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  1. Gram says:

    Lance, When I was a little girl, Mother used to have some really neat stuff that she used in her first grade classroom, and she would bring them home sometimes. One such item was a set of those little colored pattern blocks. I was fascinated with them and loved it when she brought them home!

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