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Inspector Columbo is my hero

Back in the 1970’s there was a popular TV show called “Columbo,” which starred Peter Falk as a fictional homicide detective. Columbo came across as a kind of lovable doofus, a kindly almost grandfatherly man, but not particularly bright, and certainly not smart enough to catch the criminals he was trying to catch. Every episode followed pretty much the same storyline: a criminal killed someone at the beginning of the show, and the rest of the show was Columbo asking questions and acting confused, with the criminal convinced that Columbo was a complete idiot, until the end of the show, when Columbo proved that the criminal was guilty.

I always loved how it never bothered Columbo that other people may have thought he wasn’t very smart, as long as that served his longer-term goal of catching the bad guy. I think that’s kind of a cool superpower.

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