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I want my Windows XP

As the official January 1 June 30, 2008 funeral date for Windows XP approaches, you can add my name to the long and growing list of people who would prefer to stick with Windows XP than “upgrade” to Vista. I haven’t actually tried Vista, so I don’t have any specific complaints about it (though apparently many other people do). The basic reason I’m not interested in it is that Windows XP Home Edition, which is what I’ve been running on both my home desktop computer and my work laptop for the past several years, works perfectly well and I have no desire to spend money to get a newer OS that I don’t want or need.

I’m happy to admit that I’m not generally an early adopter, either of tech toys in particular or of new stuff in general. I’m perfectly happy to keep driving the same car, playing the same iPod, wearing the same clothes, and generally using the same things that I’ve been using, as long as they’re doing the job that I need them to do. When it comes to making a major OS upgrade, I’m even more of a stick-in-the-mud, as upgrading an OS has the potential to be a major headache. More often than not, while the OS seller hypes the impressive new features, they neglect to point out the hassles of a new OS:

  • you have to spend money to get it;
  • it will likely need more memory, hard drive space, and/or processor speed than you currently have, requiring you to spend additional money to upgrade your computer;
  • many of your current applications and hardware devices may not work with it, requiring you to spend additional money to upgrade them, or at least spend additional time to get them to work again.

Like many, I’m from the less-is-more school of computer software: I’d much rather my applications and operating systems be lean and simple than bloated and complicated. So while I’m happy for Microsoft to sell whatever software it feels like it can sell, and I’m happy for people to buy it if they want it, I also wish that Microsoft wouldn’t be quite so heavy-handed in forcing it on us.

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