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Halloween math

A few days ago, we got a catalog from the Oriental Trading Company in the mail.  Oriental is a company that sells party supplies, trinkets, and other novelty items, and their latest catalog showcases all of their Halloween offerings.  The Maker loves this kind of thing, and as soon as he saw the catalog, he began excitedly leafing thru it drooling over all the cool toys, candy, and miscellaneous other stuff that he wished he could get.

Before bed one night, he was showing his mom all of the cool things he had found and they were talking about how cool the bloody eyeballs and vampire teeth were, and she asked him if he would like to order some stuff from the catalog for us to pass out this year as Halloween treats.  He was thrilled with the idea.  Multiple conversations ensued, including ones where they discussed the difference between the price for a whole dozen of something vs. the “per piece” price, what the different ID numbers were for, and how one went about actually ordering and paying for the stuff.  It was decided that we’d shoot for 200 total pieces of stuff, figuring we’d have say 50-75 trick-or-treaters and each one would get 3 to 4 items.

So the Maker has been making his selections and filling out the order form, which required making a larger copy of the order form (with bigger boxes to write in) and figuring out how to use the calculator to calculate, for example, the total price of 3 dozen candy blood bags if each dozen costs $5.99.

It’s looking to me like he’s already gone over the 200 limit, so we may have to make some tough decisions pretty soon.

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