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Flipping My Classroom

These are the materials from a presentation I put together for the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM) conference in October 2012, on my experiences flipping my Geometry and Advanced Functions and Modeling (AFM) classes. Feel free to download and use anything you find here.

Intro video, class website, powerpoint slides

Handouts from the presentation

Other videos/resources of mine that I highlighted in the presentation

Discussion questions, blog posts, etc.

  • My first blog post on flipping my classroom.
  • My second blog post on flipping my classroom.
  • The Flip: End of a Love Affair – one teacher’s blog post on why she tried flipping her classroom, then gave it up in favor of PBL.
  • What about students who don’t have internet access?
  • Group work is the norm in my class.
  • Don’t worry about being awesome.
  • When it comes to videos, shorter is better.

Creating your own class lecture videos



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