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and the boy learned to like leaves

The Boy Learned to Like Leaves

The wife asked the Maker to make her a “popout” picture. He made a picture of a leaf and created a 3D effect with it, then decided to add a kind of poem to it. He says he got the poem idea from a Pokemon video he saw once.

3 Responses to “and the boy learned to like leaves”

  1. schooldad says:

    (I have wisely decided to stay out of this argument between my wife and my mother regarding the source of my son’s genius.)

  2. Gram says:

    Anything that has to do with GENIUS must surely be from me!!!

  3. As to where the poem came from, I like to think that I am the inspiration for these flashes of poetic genius… Or Pokemon videos, I guess it could be that, sure.

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